Standards Digital Deployment Report

What Is Meant by the Digital Deployment of Standards?

Digital deployment refers to the management and publication of standards within a scalable, flexible technology infrastructure that supports the efforts to implement systems. The objectives of digital deployment are to:

  • Maximize access to standards to all stakeholders.
  • Reveal supporting information about the standards.
  • Encourage a more meaningful relationship between content and standards.

What Is the Standards Digital Deployment Report?

The Standards Digital Deployment Report is an objective assessment of how each state manages its digital deployment of their standards. The report focuses on three areas:

  • Accessibility—The degree to which a state supports or provides access to its standards to various stakeholders (teachers, parents, technology vendors, publishers, etc.) in various formats (PDF, Excel, XML, etc).
  • Usability—The amount of guidance a state provides for interpreting and referencing its standards for numerous uses (curriculum, assessment, etc.) by various stakeholders.
  • Revision Practices—How well a state communicates initial, iterative, or complete overhaul of its standards.

Why Is the Report Important?

The Standards Digital Deployment Report will help all stakeholders in K-12 education better understand the current conditions and the need to consider more efficient approaches to the deployment of academic standards. Such efforts can improve the K-12 educational process; save states, districts, and K-12 education vendors millions of dollars; aid the development of higher quality learning and products; integrate numerous technologies into a single classroom solution; and much more.

The Report intends to make it easy to identify and improve the respective digital deployment of standards for each state, which will in turn help all K-12 stakeholders better understand and comply with their standards.

Who Will Provide and Track the Report?

Academic Benchmarks, the leading provider of state standards and alignment services to all of the stakeholders in K-12 education plans to compile and maintain the report, allowing for states to revise their responses and providing direction for taking advantage of the benefits these reports can provide.

The report with almost 80% of the states reporting, is available now. Check back on this site for updates to this dynamic and evolving report, as well as other reports in the future.