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Over 8 million standards searches have been conducted on the Academic Benchmarks site since 2004, with more than 2 million searches in 2010.

More than 2.5 million records are contained in the Academic Benchmarks Standards Registrysm. Continually reviewed for updates and accuracy, the standards documents offer critical guidance to educators and the K-12 vendor community. Search here by standards authority for the most current documents in the collection.

We live in a digital age. How can the intensive and recurring efforts to develop quality academic standards better take advantage of data systems to enhance the productivity of the process? How can improvements in the communication of standards enable the improved integration of these standards with the tools and products used in the classroom? What technologies does K-12 education have in place to support the implementation of its academic standards?

Explore the current state of the digital deployment of standards — a shortcoming of K-12 education — in the first published report by Academic Benchmarks.

  • See how each state stacks up in its deployment of the standards in the digital age.
  • Learn how metadata can be packaged and transmitted across systems.